Keith Moon Born 23 August 1946

London (Wembley)

Keith Moon

Keith Moon Longtime drummer for the Who

Keith Moon in his lifetime destroyed more drum kits than most musicians have the opportunity to play on. An obvious inspiration for the muppet drummer Animal, Moon's wild and zany side kept him in constant trouble and the Who in constant financial turmoil. In many American cities, hotel destruction provided an easy ticket out of town.



Keith Moon

Keith Moon was renowned for his offbeat style of playing

which meant he wasn't a real good timekeeper, and one of the most exciting drummers to hear. His strangely placed rolls and hits on classics like "I Can See for Miles" help set the Who apart from other bands of the era.


Died 7 September 1978, London.

died tragically on September 7 1978 of an accidental overdose of pills he had been prescribed to control his alcoholism. He was replaced in the Who's lineup by Kenney Jones.

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